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All footage, images, sounds and music are original except certain sound and visual effects licensed with Apple iMovie and the list of Creative Commons media at the end of the page.

Critical Reflection

“Probably the hardest and most time-consuming video you will ever make will be your first one…” (Adam Brown)

I took those sage words seriously, but evidently not seriously enough, because man, this video took ages. Even though I started early, I still finished late. But now I know, the next one won’t be so difficult.


Choosing gamification as my topic, I had a rough idea about the aesthetic, sounds and themes I might use. I have a hard drive full of random loops and tracks that I’ve made over the years and never finished, developed or found a use for and this task, as well as my podcast, seemed like great opportunities to dig them out instead of relying on Creative Commons music. Apart from some music and vague intentions, I had no idea what to expect or even where to start.

So, I just started.

I began by filming and photographing random stuff that could potentially be relevant or effective when it came time to editing the video later on. I experimented with lights and laser pointers and macgyvered a camera rig by strapping my phone to my head with a baseball cap and a piece of a selfie stick.


DIY Camera Rig, own photo


As my research grew and I began writing sections of the presentation, I began experimenting with filming myself talking in different outfits and with different backgrounds. I soon realised that I am way too nervous and fidgety to be able sit still and feel natural while presenting to the camera and decided that I would use voice over narration instead.

I also thought it would be a good idea to get some editing practice in, so I downloaded Adobe Premier Pro and imported some footage. I am usually pretty good at working tech stuff out but after a few hours of trying to use Premier, I surrendered to my amateurism and opened iMovie, which turned out to be the most insanely easy thing to use.


iMovie Screenshot, own image

I had already learned from making my podcast that my voice is not particularly strong and that I should try to cover less of the topic and speak a lot slower. Still, for some reason, I struggle to speak naturally if I know I am being recorded. I stumble on easy words and some of my vowel sounds change.

Another challenge I faced while creating my video was the failure to research YouTube upload speeds. I was disapointed/shocked to find out that it takes up to seven hours to upload and process content to YouTube.

Fun Times

I admit, I had a ball making this video. I tried inject an element of fun into it to reflect the nature of gamification. I really enjoyed experimenting with different techniques and concepts as well as editing on iMovie and adding cheesy sounds and video effects.

I am pretty happy with my final result. I like the montage quality of the footage along with the lo-fi, DIY techniques that I used in lieu of proper equipment and know-how.


Fake Space Invaders, own image

Creative Commons

What would I do without Creative Commons? What a great idea sharing is. They could make it a bit easier to search video by keywords instead of having to browse through every single one, but beggars can’t be choosers and I found some great footage. Using Flickr was perfect for finding relevant images that I couldn’t film or didn’t have the skills to make on Photoshop.

Not The End

I highly doubt this the end of my filmmaking habit. Making this video and studying ALC708 has led me to fully embrace Web 2.0 and eschew those “outmoded notions of ‘receiver audiences’ and ‘elite producers’” along with David Gauntlett. (2011)

641 words


Gauntlett, D. 2011, ‘Media Studies 2.0’,, January, retrieved 8 January 2017, <>

Video Credits and References

Creative Commons Media

IMAGES in order of appearance

Cat by indamage /CC BY 2.0

FIGURE 11.2 360-degree feedback by Jurgen Appel /CC BY 2.0

Actors on stage, 1973 by Seattle Municipal Archives /CC BY 2.0

Jury by bethtgirl /CC BY 2.0

Winchester by Herry Lawford /CC BY 2.0

Network by Jurgen Appelo /CC BY 2.0

Signage 55 speed limit by David Lofink /CC BY 2.0

DSC01904 by Jacob Munk-Stander /CC BY 2.0

talk to the experts by Mai Le /CC BY 2.0

Jay-Z Marquis by Beezwaxxx /CC BY 2.0

Brooklyn Bridge by Diego Torres Silvestre /CC BY 2.0

brooklyn museum after renovation by perke /CC BY 2.0

Museum by Saffron Waller /CC BY 2.0

Art Studio by Collin Anderson /CC BY 2.0

LOOK by Traci Lawson /CC BY 2.0

Gallery by anntinomy /CC BY 2.0

Boring by Thomas Fading /CC BY 2.0

Piano Stairs – Behind the scenes by KJ Vogelius /CC BY 2.0

VIDEO in order of appearance

Ethernet by Beachfront B-Roll: Free Stock Footage  /CC0

Abstract Bokeh Pan by /CC0

Hole by tommyvideo  /CC0

Skateboard Skate Park Tricks by Cover-Free-Footage /CC0

Air Show Exhibition of Two Yellow Biplanes by Vimeo Free Videos /CC0

Video Of Pilots Inside A Cockpit by NASA-Imagery /CC0

Blurry Footage of People Inside a Grocery Store by Coverr /CC0

Black And White Video Of Escalator Inside Shopping Mall by Cover-Free-Footage /CC0

Subway Walkers by Life of Vids /CC0 BY 1.0

SOUND in order of appearance

Game Start by plasterbrain /CC BY 3.0

Video Game – Die or Lose Life by Adam Wheeden /CC BY 3.0


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